Small/Low Profile

Until recently, because of its large size, electrochemical gas sensor was limited to demanding life safety applications to detect Carbon Monoxide, H2S and other toxic gases.  Today our solution has a very low profile (less than 4 mm thin) and one of the smallest electrochemical gas sensor footprints on the market; making it ideal for consumer electronics

Mass Market Ready

High performance electrochemical gas sensor solutions have historically been too expensive for high volume applications; often because some aspect of the technology makes it difficult to manufacture.  SPEC Sensors manufacturing techniques allows for the large-scale electrochemical gas sensor production for Carbon Monoxide, H2S, Ethanol, Ozone, NO2, and SO2 sensors.

Ultra-Low Power

Gas sensor power consumption can increase system costs and make harvested energy or battery powered operation impossible. Because they use electrochemical gas sensor technology, SPEC Sensors require only µW of power to operate, making them ideal for use in battery powered devices.

High Performance

Measurement performance is important when it comes to monitoring the air we breathe in or breathe out.  SPEC Sensors are based on the technology behind the much more expensive and larger electrochemical gas sensor used to protect industrial workers. They are fast, stable, and repeatable gas sensors; capable of delivering the information you need.


Reliable measurement is necessary for many life safety, health & wellness and remote monitoring gas sensor applications.  With a 10 year lifetime, SPEC Sensors delivers the long term measurement performance needed for most gas sensor applications.

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