SPEC Sensors’ IAQ_100 is a Screen Printed ElectroChemical sensor component designed for the broad (non-specific) detection of gases associated with poor air quality: sulfides, alcohols,
ammonia, odorous gases, and Carbon Monoxide.  This ultra-low power sensor is appropriate for applications in: indoor air monitoring, air purifier controls, early fire detection, HVAC ventilation controls and Smart Homes.


  • Ultra-Low Power Sensor (with Circuit – < 10 uW max)
  • Cold operation – No Heating required
  • Rugged Design – Not poisoned by sulfides, chlorides, NH3
  • Stable Response– Not affected by humidity, CO2, N2, Ar, most saturated hydrocarbons, hexane
  • Small Size& Low Profile – 20x20x3 mm
  • Easy to Use – Linear Response
  • Long Life – 10 years expected life
  • Fast Response – < 20 seconds
  • Sensitive – In the ppm range
  • ROHS Compliant

Measure Combustion By-Products that affect Indoor Air Quality

Sku: 110-801