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Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality

Poor air quality is one of the greatest worldwide threats to health and wellbeing.

Consumers, government and business all require sensors and hardware that deliver reliable measurements of pollutants and other harmful gases in the environment, both indoors and out.

SPEC Sensors offers high performance, low cost sensors for a variety of indoor and outdoor pollutants in a form factor that can enable integration into any platform, fixed or wearable.

See our sensors for carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), Respiratory Irritants (RESP) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


The growing need for safer living and working conditions is leading to new technology for safety in homes, schools, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities. 

SPEC Sensors’ screen printed sensors allow for specific and rapid measurement of a number of gases that are key to residential and industrial safety including carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen compounds (NO, NO2), sulfur compounds (H2S, SO2), and many more. 

Our long life, low cost sensors allow widespread deployment, battery power operation and integration into equipment and infrastructure.

In addition, the small size and low power consumption make our sensors suitable for fixed, portable or wearable end use form factors.


Food Production, Storage & Transport

Food safety continues to be a headline issue all around the world.

From the critical need to ensure safe food supply, to consumer-critical needs like offering high quality food products, industries must monitor the quality and safety of food.

SPEC Sensors’ portfolio includes reliable sensors for detecting small gas emissions such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen compounds (NOx), and ethanol (EtOH) coming from fresh, stored or processed food.

Gas sensors are also critical in safety and control system operations for food preservatives such as ozone (O3) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

Health & Wellness

In addition to monitoring the air we breathe and monitoring the food we eat, Interlink’s gas sensors are uniquely suited to monitoring human breath and identifying key components. Information about the composition of breath as well as the patterns of change of the constituent gases could be indicators of many disease conditions such as asthma, diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), COPD, and others.


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