Environmental Monitoring in Cities

Many cities are challenged with improving the quality of life of their citizens while continuing to experience growth and demand on limited resources.  Environmental sensors are part of the solution because their results can help reduce both traffic congestion and air pollution. SPEC Sensors products measure the four of the six common air pollutants or “criteria pollutants” as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Ozone

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things market is demanding high volumes of reliable sensors with low-power consumption, small size, high performance and ideally low costs.  The sensors will be eyes, ears, and noses for Internet of Things. SPEC Sensors are reliable, low-power, small, high performance electrochemical gas sensors capable of being made in high volumes.  Today, SPEC Sensors can measure gases related to:

  • Outdoor Air Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Life Safety
  • Human Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Often the air we breathe in can affect our quality of life.  For some, this can be life threatening causing respiratory challenges, asthma attacks, and sometimes even heart attacks.  Alternatively, the air we breathe out can contain information related to our health. SPEC sensors offer the measurement performance necessary for monitoring air quality and the speed of response needed for measuring human respiration.  The small size, ultra-low power consumption make SPEC Sensors an excellent choice for the wearable, portable, handheld and wireless sensor platforms commonly used in health and wellness gas sensing applications.


SPEC Sensors allow industry and manufacturers to develop products that will create safer workplaces.  Our small, reliable, low cost, and low power sensors can be integrated in many ways to ensure worker safety.        

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