Product Design

Our team has hundreds of years of collective experience implementing gas sensors in a wide range of applications, from high volume consumer devices to hardened products for the most extreme environments.

We offer a broad array of expertise in all aspects of device development and construction, from industrial design to electronics, firmware, and algorithm development.

We have experience consulting as part of a team or designing a product from scratch through to volume production.

SPEC Sensors production techniques enable high volume production and mass market prices

Product Testing

SPEC Sensors has advanced facilities for the test and evaluation of gas detection devices, including high accuracy test chambers and reference monitors.

We can evaluate your device performance across a broad array of conditions to assist in your product development.

NO2 Sensors

Custom Gas Sensor Design

SPEC Sensors can customize gas sensors for specific gases and applications. 

We are happy to collaborate on special projects and to provide support through engineering, design, and manufacturing. 

If our spec sheets do not meet your needs, please contact us to discuss how we can help!

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