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SPEC Sensors’ Road to Trillions of Gas Sensors

November 5, 2014

SPEC Sensor President & CTO to Present at T Sensor Summit – November 13, 2014 – San Diego

November 4, 2014 – Newark CA – Joe Stetter, President and CTO of SPEC Sensors presents a vision for Trillion gas sensor fabrication. Society is moving from concern about food and water quality to concern about the breathable quality of the air.  It is now understood that it is not just low levels of chemicals in food and water, but low level chemicals in every breath that matters.  Additionally, health monitoring through a better understanding of human respiratory gases is also a growing application.  Both of these situations show that there is a real need to bring the high performance of today’s industrial gas sensors to all facets of society.  But these applications require high volume production, ultra-low power consumption, small size, lower costs, while still maintaining much of the high performance.

Until recently gas sensing solutions have not been able to meet all of these challenges. The lowest cost gas sensor technologies are often not specific to a particular gas; enabling the possibility of a false reading.  The most accurate, stable, and specific gas sensors are not small and have been difficult to make inexpensively at high volumes.  Power consumption has been significant for most gas sensing technologies.

At the T Sensor Summit, Joe Stetter brings his nearly 40 years’ experience in gas sensing to describe the options for chemical/gas sensing, along with, how recent emerging manufacturing and sensor packaging technologies are enabling the possibility of inexpensive ultra-low power, small size and high performance sensors; capable of being manufactured at the high volumes needed for Trillions of gas sensors.  It will be chemical/gas sensors like these that will bring an explosion of innovation to the Trillion sensor network.

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