SPEC Sensors is making it easy for Internet of Things developers to integrate gas sensing in their products.  SPEC SensorsTM are small/low profile high-performance electrochemical gas sensors available at mass market volumes and prices.  The Open-Source Digital Gas Sensor Developer Kit will allow OEMs to quickly integrate gas sensing into their application(s).

Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Air Pollution Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality, and Breath Analysis are some of the gas sensing applications that demand high performance measurement.  Electrochemical gas sensing technology is the preferred solution for these applications due to measurement performance and the ultra-low power consumption needed for battery operation.  SPEC Sensors has overcome the physical size and mass market volume limitations that have constrained market adoption of electrochemical gas sensing in consumer products.

SPEC Sensors’ proprietary manufacturing approach for Screen Printed ElectroChemical sensors shrinks this gas sensing technology down to a size appropriate for consumer devices that can be made at the volumes and costs appropriate for the mass market.

The new Open-Source Digital Gas Sensor Developer Kit simplifies the integration of SPEC SensorsTM into new Internet of Things applications.  The Open-Source Digital Gas Sensor Developer Kit includes:

  1. The Digital Gas Sensor platform hardware pre-configured with the UL-2034 recognized Carbon Monoxide sensor.
  2. A sample of each SPEC Sensor for detecting other gases that can be easily exchanged with the CO sensor
  3. Simple Windows Utility to reconfigure the Digital Gas Sensor platform for a different sensor and log data at a 1Hz sample rate
  4. All of the hardware design files including: schematic, part list and Gerber/design files.
  5. Firmware source code that support gas concentration calculation and temperature compensation.
  6. An Open-Source license to use this information in any SPEC Sensor-based design.


As Dr. Joseph Stetter, SPEC Sensors’ CTO explains “Until recently, most accurate, stable, and specific gas sensors were not small and were difficult to make inexpensively at high volumes.  SPEC Sensor has solved these issues.  Now we want to make it easy for everyone to work with our sensors and make them the Gas Sensors for the Internet of Things.”DSDK1

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